Becoming Himself


Becoming Himself

Becoming Himself’ is a unique and interesting short story that follows the lives of an anonymous young lesbian couple in the midst of finding out who they are together as a couple. The story is made with the attempt of giving insight into the fragile, yet inspiring situation that the couple have to undergo when one of them discovers that they are not comfortable in their female body.

After many years of confusion and mixed emotions, one the members of the couple discovers that she is not comfortable in the body of a woman, and thus needs to begin the long process of transitional therapy and surgery. This short video encapsulates the emotions, which are felt by the man through the raw audio interview when he is in his most vulnerable state. The story then evolves into one of love and companionship as you get to hear the perspective of the mans partner who has stuck by him through the hard times and big decisions. The mans partner has played an instrumental role in enabling the man to become truly comfortable in his own body. It is also a chance for us to get inside the brain, and compare the before and after of their relationship and really see what is like to go through an experience like this.

This story addresses an ever-present issue in society today and gives the viewers a very real chance to see the kind of challenges and rewards faced by people dealing with this issue. For people who have no personal experience with topics like this, it gives a great wealth of knowledge on the situation, and allows the viewer to gain a strong empathy for all people facing these challenges on a daily basis.






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