Mint Press News, and the necessity for independent journalism

The move from traditional media to the Internet may be one of the most impactful changes that have occurred in regards to the way journalism is consumed. Although the Internet has given people more access to information and content than ever before, it has also provided the perfect environment for mass media saturation. It is more imperative than ever, for the sake of democracy and moral, that citizens move towards alternative, well-sourced news outlets, which are not controlled by corporations, or serving a someone’s particular bias or agenda. MintPress News, created by journalist Mnar Muhawesh, has provided a convergent media publication that has no known ulterior motives other than factual unbiased journalism.


MintPress News, Approaching News From a Successful Angle


The successful edge that MintPress News operates with is that of relevant investigative journalism along with other interesting reports on foreign affairs and current topics, which are also being portrayed by the mass media, but often in a biased fashion. This is very evident in the way that the South-Sudanese war is being portrayed. On one hand MintPress News has used investigative journalism and well-sourced information with the use of hyperlinks as references to depict a clear situation of the war, with the underlying reason for war coming from the economic exploitation of South Sudan from powerful nations such as China and the United States.


MintPress News – South Sudan


Whereas large news publications such as Al Jazeera have published articles, with hardly any referenced material, and have used a generalization to paint the South Sudanese war as an ‘Ethnic War’.


Al Jazeera – South Sudan


MintPress News, Producing Quality, Not Saturation


MintPress News has adapted to all of the modern media platforms that the mass media taken a hold of, but with one distinct difference. Modern media outlets are driven by profit turnovers, which means that they are obliged to constantly produce news in order to keep up with the high public demand. The negative effect that this has is that their job is then focused around time, and not quality. This leads to the saturation of relevant and irrelevant content, which doesn’t provide the high-quality investigative journalism that the public deserves, but rather, content that is produced as click-bait to drive interest and profits. MintPress News on the other hand, operates on donations from its viewer base, which have invested in the quality investigative journalism that is provided by them. This leads to much more prescion into the content produced by them, because they will lose funding from doners if they are not producing content of the highest quality. The difference between the content that is produced by MintPress News and the mass media can easily be seen through some quick searchs through their articles.


This is absolutely true with the portrayal of Barack Obama


On one hand, the mass media…


The Gaurdian – He Will Be Missed



Rather than this, from MintPress News, which shows Obama’s heavy involvement in the Syrian War


MintPress News –Obama Orders Attacks







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